Monday, June 26, 2006

Oooh... Scary

(This is a true story, taken from

Submitted by: Heather
Age: 14
From: California
Title: Do Not Mess With The Ouija Board

My Story: It goes a little something like this. This is not actually about me, but about what happened to my dad, but it has affected all who enter our house.

One night, my dad and his buddies were at our house, just messing around. They were about 17 or so. Well, somebody had the brilliant idea of bringing along an ouija board. At first, it was all in good fun, they were just asking random questions. Then, they asked "its" name. It began rambling off letters for about five minutes, it looked like it had a whole mess of different names inside it. It would have kept going, but they decided to stop it. Then they asked how old it was, and it did the same thing. It just went on, and on with random numbers, and they eventually just stopped that too. Then, they asked, "Could you possess us?" and it pointed to "yes". They asked, "could we help you?" and it pointed to "yes" again. Then, being the idiot he was, my dad jokingly took a crusifix and touched it to the ouija board. The second it touched, Jesus fell off of the crusifix at hands & feet.

After that, my dad got royally freaked out and they decided to burn the board. A big mistake I swear to you. The next day, our house caught fire. My dad had to put it out with his hands seven times!!! Ever since then and mind you, he is in his fourties now, strange things have been happening, and still do. Knives randomly fly off tables, pennies fall out of nowhere, my television constantly gets turned off and on, and there is a pure white cat, it almost looks like a bobcat or a manx, with bright blue eyes that stalks my dad and pounces at him occasionally. Also, I've noticed there is almost always either a black cat or crow in the general area wherever I go. Coincidence? I think not.

The End.

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